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EEA Grants - European ground squirrel, Implementation of selected measures of the Action Plan

Name of the project: Implementation of selected measures of the Action Plan of the European ground squirrel in the Southern Moravia region

Project holder: Alka Wildlife, o.p.s.

Partner of the project: Museum Karlovy Vary

Period of realization: 2015-2016

Financing: EEA grants 2009-2014, Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic

Supported by EEA Grants.

This web page was created from financial support of EEA grants 2009-2014 and Ministry of the Environment. The content of the web page is fully within the responsibility of the recipient of the grant – ALKA Wildlife o.p.s. and does not represent any opinion of the donor nor Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.

Programme: Small grant scheme the Action Plans for Endangered Species II, Programme CZ02

Leader of the project: Lukáš Poledník, Alka Wildlife

Cooperation: Jan Matějů, Museum Karlovy Vary

Aim of the project

Europeans ground squirrel was common inhabitant of the lowland grasslands of the Czech Republic. However in second half of the last century strong decrease of population occurred and in 2005 only 28 remaining and mutually isolated localities of occurrence were recorded. As most of these populations are small and isolated the high probability of extinction of the species exists. Therefore in 2008 Action Plan for the species was approved by Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.

The aim of the present project is to implement four important measures listed in the Action Plan in the region of Southern Moravia: 1. Detailed distribution survey in vineyard areas, 2. Demographic study of selected population of souslik, 3. Population viability analysis of the species in the Czech Republic, 4. Actions to raise public awareness.

The region of the Southern Moravia was selected from two main reasons: a) only little attention was up to now paid to the situation of the European ground squirrel there and few measures of the Action Plan were implemented there, including regular monitoring of the species, which is focusing namely on easily accessible localities (e.g. airports) and thus not very effective there, b) the climatic and landscape factors and rather agricultural human use together with close distance to the populations in other Europeans countries with European ground squirrel (Slovak Republic, Austria) allows metapopulation structure of the distribution of the species with well established colonies interconnected by patches of small/temporal colonies. Such a structure seems to be the critical for long term survival of the species in the Czech Republic and up to now only little is known about it.








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